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We recognise the need for practical privacy solutions that cover the entire business lifecycle and meet your organisation’s specific needs. Our services are designed to leverage privacy by design principles, translating the myriad of regulations and requirements into deliverable, pragmatic, business solutions underpinned by your organisation’s relevant strategies and policies.

TwoBlackLabs consists of experienced information privacy consultants. We have a proven track record of delivering complex privacy solutions that deliver to organisations’ privacy requirements in a practical manner, in line with the latest regulations and best practice guidelines.


We understand that the digital world has made organisational boundaries complex and a simple "check box" approach to privacy is no longer enough. That's why we take a risk-based and practical approach, grounded in best practices for privacy by design. Our experience allows us to provide tailored solutions that are both effective and relevant to your business needs. Our services cover the entire information lifecycle and are modular in nature, meaning they can be utilised at any stage in your journey from design to ongoing risk management.

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) service offered by TwoBlackLabs is a crucial tool for evaluating privacy risks within organisations, particularly for specific projects or processes. The PIA is used to determine the potential impact of a project on the privacy of individuals, make decisions about managing any privacy risks, ensure compliance with privacy laws, and serve as a reference point for future changes. The PIA can be conducted through various methods, including an online tool, a template-driven assessment, or a custom-written long-form PIA. Collaboration with the business stakeholders, staff, and management is essential for delivering the best PIA outcome. Our approach to delivering PIA services is flexible, adapting to both traditional Waterfall and agile projects. For Waterfall projects, a privacy threshold assessment is completed early on, with regular updates throughout the project's lifecycle. In agile projects, a similar methodology is used, starting with the PIA for the minimum viable product and reviewing and updating with each increment. The PIA for agile projects is also less wordy and focuses on the updated risk sections for faster updates. The final version of the PIA is signed off by the business owner.

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